The Freeride model of the Bergamo-based company Caberg, Ca-Berg is the acronym for Cashi Bergamo (Helmets from Bergamo), has captured the attention of many motorcycle enthusiasts both in the Urban and in the Café Racer worlds.In the 2022 catalog, Caberg introduces for the Freeride model, the new color variant Nuke that joins the already well-known graphics that are: the Formula available in three color variants and the apprecited Iron, Rusty, and Maori.
The urban design, with a strong reference to street art, makes the new Freeride Nuke a jet helmet that will certainly not go unnoticed.

Freeride Nuke is made of fiberglass and is available in two different sizes: the smaller shell with sizes XS 53/54, S 55/56, M 57/58 and L 59 and the larger shell with sizes ranging from an XL 60 to an XXL 61.

Caberg technicians worked with the aim of decrease weight, limit the size and volume in order to obtain a compact, durable and slim Jet helmet. 

The objectives have been largely achieved by first reducing the dimension of the shell, currently one of the smallest on the market, with a weight slightly above 800 gr.

Thanks to this small size, the Freeride Nuke can easily be stored under the seat, even in the narrowest ones.

Caberg never leaves anything to chance and attention to detail is a priority in fact, among the key features, all Made in Italy, there are the five rivets on the rim, the steel air intakes on the neck device, and the leather details.

The Freeride Nuke Jet has a goggles holder with serigraphy on the back, perfect for the Caberg vintage goggles Century, available as spare parts at a cost of 48.99 €.

The Freeride Nuke, like the others color versions, have captured a large audience of two-wheel enthusiasts, from those who use the scooter to move easily in the city to the lovers of Café Racer and Customs motorcycles. 

The new color version Nuke of the Freeride model can also be easily equipped with the long clear visor that is included in the helmet box. The visor of the Freeride Nuke model is essential and protective, especially in the winter months or for long rides around the country.

The Nuke color version, as well as all other Freeride color versions, thanks to the inner space set for the speakers, is ready to be equipped with the JUST SPEAK EVO communication system or with the main BT systems available in aftermarket, allowing to communicate not only with your own mobile phone and your passenger, but also to connect to a GPS system and listen to music through your mobile or an MP3 player

Comfortable, easy to wear and with excellent ventilation are the key features of the Freeride model, developed to meet the needs of passionate motorcyclists.

The removable and washable inner comfort lining is made with breathable fabrics and leather details ; the Freeride Nuke has an adjustable micrometric buckle and is Ece 22.05 approved.

The Caberg Freeride Nuke is the ideal Jet helmet for Custom and Café Racer enthusiasts as well as for daily urban commuters, who appreciate not only style and design, but also technical aspects and comfort. 

The Freeride Nuke version is already available on the market at € 229.99 including VAT and is an excellent value for money.

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