The Bergamo-based company Caberg, which has been producing helmets for the road sector for over forty years, was one of the first companies to bring the flip-up helmet to the market, literally revolutionizing the touring world. After having participated  in various  world championship, Caberg has acquired a strong racing background as well, that finds its utmost expression in the Drift Evo model. 

The Drift Evo, the top of the range model for quite some years already, is the result of constant research and development carried out by the Bergamo-based company in collaboration with a number of young talents and top riders from the WSBK championship, who can count on the high technology and performance of the Drift Evo full-face helmet, that has been studied to respond to the demands of both top riders and motorbike enthusiasts with a sporting spirit.

The Drift Evo LB29, in the two colour versions Black/Blue/Fluorescent Yellow and Black/Anthracite/Red is one of the many news in the 2022 catalogue; during the current SBK World Championships, the Drift Evo LB29 will be worn by Luca Bernardi, who made his first appearance at the Motorland Racetrack in Aragon during the first weekend in April. 

The young rider from San Marino contributed to the development of the Drift Evo LB29 model, and at the beginning of this season, Luca Bernardi made his debut with the model LB29 in Fluorescent Yellow to match his Ducati number 29 of the Barni Racing Team.

Available through authorized shops, the Drift Evo LB29 version is offered in two shell sizes; a smaller version that covers from XS to M  and a larger one that covers sizes from L to XXL. With regards to the inside of the full-face helmet, Caberg has chosen the best fabrics available, to offer the highest level of comfort .

Thanks to the quality and latest-generation materials used, the inner lining of the Drift Evo LB29 adapts perfectly to the shape of the face, in particular the cheeks pads, that are designed to offer an enveloping fit; furthermore, it’s possibility to change the inner lining and install a different size to get a custom-correct fit.

Aggressive and with a racing character, the rear spoiler not only adds a sporting touch to the Drift Evo LB29 model,  but thanks to its aerodynamic design, it also significantly reduces turbulence and noise, ensuring an impeccable driving experience even at higher speeds.

The top-of-the-range Drift Evo LB29 full-face helmet is also equipped with two high-tech solutions that make the visor a perfect aid in avoiding problems of visibility or disturbance while riding. The quick release visor mechanism allows visor self-adjustment to guarantee a close contact of visor and window beading. Thanks to the visor mechanism with a spring double movement, it will not be necessary to manually regulate it in order to avoid incoming of water or air. Moreover, the lever on the left side of the visor mechanism consents to stop the position of the visor at 0,5cm from the window beading to avoid or eliminate fogging, which is absorbed by the wind while riding even at higher speed. When the lever is lifted, the visor is locked to avoid sudden opening during a ride or fall.

The Caberg Drift Evo is fitted with an anti-scratch visor , an anti-fog Pinlock Max Vision lens,  and a DVT - Double Visor Tech sunshade inner visor

The high-quality standards of this high-end model, a perfect combination of design and technology, are also the result of the attention that the Bergamo-based company applies in the management of internal ventilation, providing extensive benefits in terms of riding comfort all year round.

The Drift Evo has a vent on top that channels fresh air inside the helmet through numerous air grooves on the EPS, while the rear vent favours the discharge of hot and stale air, guaranteeing a great air circulation inside the helmet.

The LB29 version, as well as all the other Drift Evo colours versions, thanks to the dedicated inner speakers slots, is ready to be equipped with the Caberg JUST SPEAK EVO system, or other BT systems available in after-market. The JUST SPEAK EVO allows the freedom to talk on a mobile phone, listen to music on an MP3 player,  and get directions from a GPS navigation system.

Featured in the Caberg 2022 catalogue, the two LB29 colours graphic versions are now available from authorized distributors and retailers.

The Drift Evo is Caberg’s top-of-the-range full-face helmet that perfectly suits motorcycle enthusiasts, who look for design, technology, and an excellent value for money. The DRIFT EVO LB29 has a recommended retail price of 339.99, VAT included.




  • Completely removable and washable including the padding on the chinstrap with hypoallergenic and transpiring fabrics. Removable lower Wind Stop.


  • Adjustable air vents. The lower vent on the chin guard drives air directly to the inner side of the visor to avoid misting; the vent on top channels fresh air inside the helmet through numerous air grooves, while the rear vent favours the discharge of hot and stale air.


  • DVT (Double Visor Tech)
  • Quick release transparent anti scratch visor with Max Vision Pinlock lens and adjusting pins
  • Anti scratch sun visor DVT (Double Visor Tech)


  • Double D-ring
Available solid colors: 
  • Matt Black, White.

Available graphic versions:

  • INTEGRA in two color combinations: matt black/anthracite/red fluo, matt black/anthracite/white;
  • STORM in two color combinations: matt blue/electric blue/yellow fluo/green fluo and matt black/anthracite/red fluo/orange fluo;
  • MR55 in white/red fluo/blue designed by Starline and with an extra dark visor included in the box.
  • LB29 in two color combinations: black/blue/yellow fluo and black/red/anthracite both versions with glossy finish.
  • CARBON SONIC in two colors combinations: white/anthracite and red/anthracite both with matt finish.
  • DRIFT EVO CARBON PRO with full carbon shell, without graphic, and a glossy finish and extra dark visor inside the box.


  • ECE 22.05


  • Small Shell: XS-S-M | Large Shell: L-XL-XXL
  • Weight: DRIFT EVO CARBON 1280 +/- 50 gr | DRIFT EVO 1380 +/- 50 gr

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