Airoh ST.501

Sport Touring - Full Powered

For those who love to grind miles on asphalt.

For those who want to enjoy every single meter of the journey, above all of the most challenging one.

For those who never lose sight of the horizon.

ST.501 is always ready to seize every opportunity, this helmet enhances the pleasure of riding and it is the ideal companion for any trip.

Two shells in HPC, six sizes available (from XS to XXL) and a state-of-the-art ventilation system to emphasize the rider’s comfort, even in summer.

The main visor with quick release system allows an extra wide vision to be always ready and to have the maximum control over every detail.

This Bluetooth- ready helmet is prepared to face any adventure thanks also to the sun screen visor integrated, the Pinlock lens and the Stop Wind available inside the box, to make the rider free to enjoy the journey.

@ 4-4-2022 10:07:32