The Ghost model of the Bergamo-based Company Caberg, has debuted on the market for the first time in 2017, immediately capturing the attention of industry insiders but especially of motorbike enthusiasts who appreciated it for its features,versatility and its attractive and original design .

Thanks to its success, Caberg has decided to introduce in the 2022 collection the new Ghost Nuke with a same design to the previous Ghost model but with a totally new colouring and graphics that recalls the world of café racer and street art.

The new and extremely original Ghost Nuke model is equipped with a special and unusual goggle shape visor that adheres to the face thanks to a sponge positioned on the lower profile; this solution is ideal in the coldest periods. The special feature of the Ghost model is the design of the mask, which protects the face from atmospheric agents and insects and is connected to the side of the helmet by a spring tilting system. In order to make life easier for the rider, Caberg has designed an extremely simple and intuitive opening and closing movement of the visor and goggle assembly that can also be carried out with one hand.

This characteristic differs GHOST NUKE  from the other open face helmets on the market equipped with simple goggle, mask, and standard elastic strap bands.

The shell of the Ghost model is made in two different sizes, a small version with sizes ranging from XS 53/54, S 55/56, M 57/58 to L 59, and a larger version for sizes XL 60 and XXL 61.

The material used for the shell of all Ghost models is fibreglass with the exception of the Full Carbon version made of carbon.

Attention to detail and the needs of motorbike enthusiasts is the priority of every Caberg project. A proof of this is the choice of accessories with which the Ghost Nuke jet helmets are equipped, such as the double Pinlock lens, extremely easy to mount and remove and specifically designed to avoid fogging of the visor in situations of precarious weather conditions.

The care for stylistic and technological choices, which have always been the Leitmotiv of the Caberg branded helmets, are found in the Ghost Nuke model in the layout of the air intakes, made of steel and wisely positioned in the neck devise and in the choice to enrich in efficiency and style the Caberg Ghost Nuke helmet with the insertion of five rivets drowned in the rim of the shell.

The lining are completely removable, washable and are made with breathable and hypoallergenic fabrics to give maximum comfort to the end user.

Ghost is a helmet 100% Made in Italy, it is ECE 22.05 Jet approved and the weight is around 1.000 grams for the Carbon version while for the other models the weight is around 1.100 grams.

The Ghost model is really an 'all in one' helmet that can be used in four different configurations:

1- equipped with the visor, the foam profile along the inner lower side of the visor and the mask

2 - equipped with the visor and the mask, but without the foam profile of the visor

3 - equipped with the visor and the foam profile but without the mask

4 - equipped only with the visor, without the foam profile and the mask

To further customize the Ghost Nuke helmet, in addition to the standard slightly smoked visor, there are available, as spares, mirror visors, mirrored visors, a full dark visor, and a visor with fluo yellow trim.

These different solutions allow to choose the best solution depending on the climate and the type of motorbike used, without ever neglecting ease of use and above all safety. For a perfect adhesion of the mask foam to the face, Caberg offers the possibility to buy the visor foam profile in 3 different thicknesses: 18mm, 21mm, and 25mm.

The Ghost Nuke helmet, as well as all other Ghost models, can be further accessorized with the JUST SPEAK EVO system or with other communicators that you can find after market, which, thanks to the specially designed seats inside the helmet, allow you to communicate not only with your mobile phone and your passenger, but also to connect to a GPS or listen to music through your phone or MP3 player.

The new Ghost Nuke model, present in the Caberg 2022 catalogue, is now available in the best motorbike shops and thanks to its attractive design, its fit and an excellent value for money (299,99 € vat included) it will capture the interest not only of the fans of the cafe racer world but also of the lovers of custom, of the most aggressive naked and scooter owners who like not to pass unnoticed.


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